Ciku Muiruri defends Lupita Nyongo
After announcing her plan to visit the country this week and going ahead to put up a dinner party whose entrance fee was Kshs. 10,000/- a ticket at Villa Rosa Kempinski, KOT went ham on twitter, mercilessly trolling Lupita for overcharging the homecoming event.

However, amid the trolls from her disappointed social media fans, some of them who can afford to fork out the amount came out to back and defend the award winning actress. Well, in support of Lupita, Ciku Muiruri wrote the lengthy read below expressing her hurting disappointment in KOT.

“I’m really disappointed with ‪#‎KOT. Ridiculing @Lupita_Nyongo, who has lent her name to the very worthwhile cause ofconservation, is churlish. Monies raised in this endevour, will go towards a very worthwhile cause – Protecting our elephants. The only gripe with the advert that I have is that they did not say how much was going towards the elephants. Part proceeds? All proceeds? I assume the latter but that should always be clarified in matters of Charity. A simple call from a journalist to organisers would have gotten an answer to that. Instead, some journalists, who really should know better, are also on Twitter, claiming this is all about having dinner with Lupita.
Lupita can raise awareness abroad about the plight of elephants. Her Hollywood friends, if they descended upon Nairobi can change international perceptions about this place. Tourism can skyrocket; such is the power of celebrity. And be clear, that this Lupita that you are hating on, is LOVED abroad. 100 dollars to dine with her would be chump change.
How do you thank her for giving back? By heckling her on social media, calling her broke, calling her a con woman and only Lord knows what else. Grow up #KOT. Be responsible! It’s a global village. Your comments will be picked up by media outlets abroad because she IS Lupita. An Oscar award-winning actress.
The story will not be about our elephants and the help we need for them, it will be about how Lupita is hated by her own people. Don’t you see? We complain about getting negative publicity out there but it’s only because that’s how WE see ourselves.
Some of you are saying you are being locked out of helping because 10k is too much. How silly! Do you know how many organisations are dealing with the same thing and need your contributions? Want to give 10 bob? Or a 100 bob? Why not Walk with Rangers? Donate any amount you are able to here:
$ 10 Buys a air of wellingtons for one ranger
$ 15 Buys a headlamp for one ranger
$ 25 Covers the cost of phones and radio comms for a month
$ 35 Buys one waterbag for one ranger
$ 50 Covers the cost of food rations for 3 weeks for the ranger team
$ 70 Buys one pair of strong boots, laces, shoebrush and polish for one ranger
$ 100 Covers the cost of basic vehicle maintenance for the anti- poaching vehicle for a month
$ 200 Covers the cost of 2 pairs of uniform for one ranger
$ 250 Covers the salary of one ranger for one month
$ 300 Covers the salary of the head ranger for one month
$ 1000 Covers the salaries of the whole unit of 4 rangers and team leader for one month
$ 2000 Trains one ranger at Kenya Wildlife Services Manyani Training Camp in readiness for operations on the field.
I hate to say it but the only people who seem to really care for conservation in this country are mzungus. And they are the ones who will attend Lupita’s dinner in numbers because they understand and get it. The rest of you, keep doing what you do, hating on people who are successful because of hard work and loving those who stole it.
One more thing – If it was another Hollywood star would any of you have had anything to say? Self-hate is the saddest thing on earth.