anerlisa-muigaiKenyan ladies are really raising the standards in love and romance. Over the weekend, Laura Akunga made headlines when she gifted her husband with a new Toyota Land cruiser that can cost upwards of Sh10 million.

On the same weekend, Anerlisa Muigai was ought to rewrite the rule book for Kenyan ladies. The beauty and her mysterious boyfriend marked four years of being together on Sunday. The lass took to social media to gush over her loving boyfriend.

In one of the posts, Anerlisa reveals that she made the first move. Quite the go-getter and what a lucky fella!

She went all out on the gram to show off how they spent the day. Below were her posts:

Every morning i always wake up to make some fresh orange juice and every time i get back to the room i always find sweet notes on my bedside from my boyfriend who is so sweet.i have posted this particular one today because exactly 4 years ago is when i first met him and it always feels like its still the first time.Happy 4 years together.


These days it’s hard to find a genuine, honest,respectful,loving,hardworking boyfriend,when you find one,it’s good to keep him. I am so happy today because i get to celebrate the 4 years we have been together with my bf who in the beginning wasn’t soo keen on me, he thought i was bluffing when i told him i liked him and that i wanted to get to know him better, now 4 years later we have become the best of friends. We had our first date here and had the same meal.this is the 2nd time we coming here after all those years. I have also realised that been private really protects your relationship, let people judge what they don’t know. I adore my bf SK*. Ain’t nobody like him.


🙂 sold…best day.gnite*