judIf you want to know just how many Kenyans are jobless or dissatisfied with their current jobs, the stats are out.

In a period of about one and a half, the Judiciary has received 100,000 applications for only a thousand openings. That’s an average of 100 people applying for one job.

Judiciary registrar Anne Amadi says the huge number shows Kenyans’ renewed faith in the institution. But I’d like to look at it as a tenth of a million people looking for a job.

Among the judiciary jobs advertised in May are: 20 Kadhis, 35 ICT officers, 30 personal secretaries, 54 secretaries, 122 secretarial assistants, 30 archivists, 43 archives assistants, 716 clerical officers, 41 court interpreters, 8 court bailiffs and 17 process servers.

Lets be honest. Chances of being chosen out of a hundred candidates are one in a million… Okay, maybe one in a hundred but you get the point.

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