oliviaIf you’re a fan of ABC hit drama Scandal, be warned; huge spoilers ahead.

On last week’s season finale, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her crew including Attorney General David Rosen decided that enough was enough with Command. A grand jury was constituted and hearings began.

With the help of first lady Mellie Grant, Command got his hand on a list of all the jury members and killed them all. Olivia Pope and her gladiators were beaten but were not out. They decided the final cause of action was to present the FBI director with evidence of Command and B613’s illegal actions. While trying to convince the director, Olivia and Jake recounted cases when B613 was at work.

Olivia said, “school shooting in Cherry Hill New Jersey …” before Jake joined in, “distraction from the media while B613 blew up the presidential palace in Kenya.”

The show is obviously fictional, but perhaps the script writers should try and Google what’s the name of Kenya’s President’s official residence.

Here’s the clip.