Sauti Sol, still the one live perfomance 1

We all know Sauti Sol for their tuneful and well sung hits and more so, their lovely vocals that make all ladies fall in deep love with their music. Since their debut track, the four man band has through the years, given us one of the best vocals ever heard in the history of our local music.

Moreover, the best thing about their voices comes out when they decide to do a live performance like this amazing one they did at Discovery 254 when they performed their hit still the one. Below is the video of the performance. Listen how their tone, pitch and vocal delivery is on key and point.

Another one for the ladiiiies ..Sauti Sol 🙂 A special #TBT moment during our live performance of Still the one on Discovery +254 Enjoy !!!

Posted by Sautisol on Thursday, 28 May 2015