If you’re asking why Burundi military could not wait for the outcome of the Presidential summit in Arusha before overthrowing Nkurunziza, here’s your answer.

The generals looked at the 4 men at the top who were supposed to save them, and analysed them as follows.

Yoweri Museveni – Despite opposition in his own country, he is determined to vie for his 17th term… sorry, 5th. Whenever his term ends, the constitution is changed to give him 5 more years. Why would he see anything wrong in Nkurunziza’s actions?

Paul Kagame – He is in the exact same boat as Nkurunziza. He has hinted at seeking a 3rd term to extend his rule beyond 2017.

Uhuru Kenyatta – It is impossible for him to seek a 3rd term, but he’s not brave enough to condemn Nkurunziza’s actions. He will also not go against Museveni’s wishes.

Jakaya Kikwete – He may have his ethics, but his diplomatic ways may drag the process for years, as Nkurunziza rules.

Speaking of Museveni, there’s no denying he has the most say among the EAC heads of state. He is the oldest among them and has the most experience as President.

For those guys in Uganda thinking they can cut short his rule when he is not looking, this photo tells you otherwise.

It was taken after the coup in Burundi, and Museveni is calm as usual, not afraid the same can happen in his country while he’s away.


Perhaps his calmness was motivated by this meme which showed him running back home.