nakumatt (1)As if giving their customers sweets as change wasn’t enough, Kenyan supermarkets are gaining a reputation for overcharging customers without their knowledge.  Last week, Marcus Olang’ brought to light a deceptive practice that has been rampant at Nakumatt stores.

On his social media platforms, he outlined how the supermarket chain might be stealing from you in broad daylight. And is turned out more Kenyans have been suffering silently from the same.

The amounts may be as little as Ksh 6, like in Marcus’ case, but that would translate into millions factoring in all the customers that are duped daily.

He posted:

This has happened a number of times in the past, and now I don’t buy that Nakumatt stores do this “accidentally”. I highly suspect deliberate deception at play here. 

Here’s the play:
1. You get an item from the shelf, add its price to your cost calculator.
2. You get to the till, your total cost is higher than you have on your calculator.
3. You scrutinise the receipt, and ask the person at the till about.
4. They make a comment implying that you are petty to ask about such ‘small money’ (pesa ndogo), or someone runs back to the shelf and comes back claiming that the till price is the correct price.

I’m now questioning the integrity of Nakumatt’s operations. The fact that this has happened more than once bothers me. I wonder whether they take advantage of the fact that many people don’t check their receipts, and thus get away with such deception. Is it that this unethical (and possibly illegal) practice is quietly encouraged by silence internally?
I got fed up yesterday and went back to the shelf to document this.
I’m calling you out, Nakumatt, for the fact that this isn’t the first time this has happened to me – it has happened one time too many.


Here are some more reactions from people who have fallen victim:

Frida Archie Otieno #MyNakumattStory A few days ago I bought half a kilo of meat which was priced at 500/=. Later on when going thought the receipts I saw the figure 688/=. If not for the rain I would have gone back #HakiYangu What happened to honesty and integrity gasp emoticon

Diana Wesonga It’s happened to me twice at Nakumatt in the past.The worst part is how foolish they make you feel after you raise your concern.

Aggie Gugu Yes I am a witness this has happened to me. It is embarrassing and makes you look like you didn’t know what you were doing in the first place. Kindly get you act right and stop stealing from your customers @Nakumatt Holdings

Diana Wanjiru Lucky you….. I got muffins at the bakery and some snacks. Going to the till, am charged 3400 for the muffins and it clearly reads muffins. It got me wondering if I was doing my monthly shopping, would they have corrected it? At Naivas it gets more interesting…. they keep price tags of random things at the till. If you are not keen you find items that you would otherwise never think of buying on your receipt. I gave that guy a nasty look….. he thot coz I had 2 kids, I was not keen.

Peter Kimemia I saw a Asian guy complaining at Nakumatt Nyali…There was a 90bob difference on the item….he dully left it. Not that the money was alot but he was incensed that there could be such a big difference between shelf and till price.

Karani Simon Thats how they make billions..infact many supermarkets do this to make more profits..

Maria Powerson Thanks Marcus for calling them out.l used to think Kwani mimi ndio huona vibaya?Nakumatt is notorius.At Tuskys,they usually have the wrong pricing under the item or so many little price tags mixed up.A guy comes up,gives you the ‘right’ tag only its not.

Emerald Lily Heeeeeeeeeeeh….kumbe its not just us Michael Joshua Wanyamafinally someone speaks out *frown emoticon*

Judie Bogonko Brian It has happened to me too, one too many times. You get tired of the back and forth with them as others on the queue look at you badly. Shame shame shame!

Walenda Peggy Mativo I have had my Nakumatt experiences as well with wrongly labeled price tags…thought it was just me.

Mwanasiti Amani nakumatt nyali. price difference of the product was over 2k! they were like that is the old price this is the new price!

Lambert Flexx It’s really common in Tuskys too, there is a day I bought photo album from the display shelf it was 1140 but at the counter the receipt was reading 1270

Rit Rit Le Grandeur Tuskys and Naivas are notorious of the same.

Dharma Johns Most supermarkets have this bad habit. I’m glad someone finally spoke out

JOse Muigai This is sad but contracts aren’t formed at the shelf. A contract is only formed when nakumatt accepts a payment. It can only be formed at the till. The shelf price is only an invitation to buy. The law is in their favour as Nakumatt or any other store, doesn’t have to honour the shelf price.
That said, inaccurate and misleading info is just unethical.

Baba Zuri Very true I had the same case too at the shelves its 115 ksh at the till is 130 ksh….the reason I noticed its coz he started asking for codes….

Muthoni Wa Wambugu I so relate. I have never been a person to check the price tag of anything until 2-3 weeks ago. I would record my withdrawal and spending (by just checking the total). So if i’m spending more, i would go out less. That was until 2-3 weeks ago. I decided to have a look at my receipts and realized my local Java stop always gave me other people’s receipts and i never noticed.

 Emy Wanza   all supermarkets. Naivas, Roasters (thika rd) is quite notorious on that….and when you insist, you go check with the attendants, they claim someone forgot to change the price tags on the shelves…everytime this happens, at any supermarket) i punish them by leaving everything at the counter. and going shopping elsewhere. and sometimes they pretend the barcode reader/scanner does not work, they pitisha an item round two, that’s you being charged twice for one item

Ciiru Migwi Munyoki Uchumi did that to me last week

Sheilah Kimathi Uchumi Supermarkets are notorious of this

Alekso Mwenyewe Happened to me also at nakumatt bought an ice cream for 70 Bob on the till the same. Ice cream goes for 330 such a huge disparity this week only

Jane Wa Mwangi #NakumattHoldings …..this happened to me too @ Nakumatt Moi avenue and from that day I swore never to shop with you again.

Muthoni Gathecha I refuse the sweets…… Imagine how much they make from claiming they don’t have change???? This is a scam.

Gerald Langiri   The thuggery at ‪#‎Nakumatt‬ and other supermarkets exposed. I once zushad because of a difference in 79 shillings between the shelf price and till/receipt price. Kuzoeana ni mbaya.

Clearly something needs to be done.