One of the pictures that nearly broke Twitter yesterday was that of Braeside School headmaster Andy Hill, getting out of his apartment basement parking in a kayak boat. Braeside is one of the Braeburn schools in Kenya, located in Lavington.

The idea that we need boats if the floods continue was initially some kind of joke, but now it’s getting serious and Mr. Hill has shown it’s possible.

braVia @Alvinochola

Here’s a picture of Andy Hill lifted from their school website.


Still on the rains, perhaps these two photos will help you understand the true water level during the height of Tuesday’s floods.

At Nightnight

In the Morning

dayVia @Namuks

The situation was even worse inside the houses.




For this unlucky house owner, mother nature decided to dump all of Nairobi garbage at her doorstep.


I know you have a lot of questions, but let me ask what everyone is thinking.. Where the [email protected]#k did that guy get a boat?