I’ve never really understood what’s with Kenyan teachers and their dislike for fashion.

In Primary school, your head had to be shaven clean, until the sun’s reflection became visible. High School was a bit lenient, or at least mine was. You were only in trouble when your hair became shaggy.

At Alliance High School, it turns out clearing school does not mean you’re out of the administration’s grip. A 2014 student was kicked out under tight security when he showed up for the thanksgiving ceremony with adorning a mohawk.

If this is not denial of freedom of expression, I don’t know what is.

Perhaps I’m ahead of everyone in the civilization cycle, but I don’t see why the hairstyle should matter.. especially for someone who has cleared school. The principal should be reminded that Jeff Koinange’s hair gel does not define who he is and what he has achieved, neither did Eric Wainaina’s dreads, or Willy Mutunga’s ear stud.

Here are some pics of the old student being escorted out.




st4Photos via Robert Alai