ianProminent Tusker Project Fame judge, Ian Mbugua has come out to declare ‘war’ on people who address him with any other title other than Ian.

Through Facebook, Ian who is now a panelist on Citizen TV’s ‘Fashion Watch’ revealed that he will ignore you if you address him with titles such as Mheshimiwa, Mkubwa, Mdosi among others.

He posted in one of his Facebook rantings:

Pretty idle, so here goes: Please call me Ian. Just ‘Ian’. Not Mr. Ian (Mr NEVER goes with a first name alone. NEVER.) Don’t call me boss, mkubwa, mdosi, mheshmiwa, or any other title that many enjoy being called. Don’t try get my attention by saying, ‘kssssssssss’ or ‘wewe’ as I WILL ignore you. Just call me Ian. Don’t ask me how I am unless you REALLY want to know. If you do, be prepared for my truthful answer. I don’t do the expected, booooooring ‘good’, or, ‘fine’, If I say hi, please don’t tell me how you are. I didn’t ask. Thank you for your time. Good evening