maasaiGospel singer L Jay Maasai has revealed how he handles the temptations that women bring to his life.

In an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, the singer was talking about his experiences with women. He recounted to the Mseto East Africa host an occasion where a female fan threw a bra at him as he performed.

As a result, L Jay now opts to flee from the ladies.

‘Fame inaleta ma-dame….wanatutafuta sana….wanataka uhusiano na sisi…but I flee….natoka mbio…If it’s not about music or about the word of God or urafiki wa kawaida, nahepa kabisa.”

Asked if he has a girlfriend, the Groove Award nominee on the hotly contested Male Artist Of The Year, revealed that he does not have the time for a girlfriend.

Here is that interview courtesy of Mseto: