marya3Singer Marya has jumped to the defence of her one month old relationship with her new catch, Kevin Mutisya.

The washed-up singer made headlines last week when she finally introduced her new beau to the online community. Those headlines would get juicer a few days later when Sonko’s daughter, Salma, blasted her for dating her uncle, a married man.

The couple have now come out to clarify on their relationship claiming that Salma was ill-informed. According to both Marya and Kevin, Kevin was married but they divorced in October last year.

“He was married, but he is divorced. I think she (Salma) didn’t know about the divorce. He does not have any children as people are speculating. People don’t know the whole story,” Marya told SDE.

“I am very happy and I am not anyone’s mpango wa kando (side-kick). I am in love and Kevin is my number one,” Marya added.

Kevin who lives and works in Dubai revealed that they will be returning to Kenya to set things straight with everyone.

“It’s true I was married, but we separated and divorced legally in a very mature manner. People think I’m still married because I have not updated my status, but our close family members are aware of this. Salma did not seek out the truth,” Kevin told SDE.

“We will be there at the end of the month to state everything to whoever has questions,” he added.

So there you have it folks, they are madly in love and Marya is not a side dish.