Colonel Mustafa, Dodoma Singida 3
On the very same day that he had prepared to drop his much awaited controversial Dodoma Singida music video, rapper Colonel Mustafa got arrested by policemen for interrogations and investigations in regard to one of the models he had used in the x-rated video.

Posting on his instagram Mustafa wrote, ‘It is with great dissapointment that i put to hold the release of my new single #DodomaSingida….Polisi wamenivamia kwenye studio n am headed to Criminal investigation department for investigation over questioning involving one of the model that appeared in my video. I wont be able to release the video today until i clear with the authorities.To all my fans,friends,Tv & Radio host,i do apologize for any inconvinience caused.’

After spending close to five hours with the police, Colonel was released. Well, here is a snippet of the explicit music video that made him a guest of the state.