muSinger Colonel Mustafa has once again been making headlines in the country for all the wrong reasons. His yet to be released video dubbed ‘Dodoma Singida’ has been embroiled in controversy with claims that he has been offered Ksh 700,ooo by an unnamed politician not to drop it.

His publicity stunts have caught the eye of yet another controversial artiste, Blaqy. The ‘Show Me’ hitmaker has launched an attack on Mustafa describing him as a pron actor.

This is what he had to say: “Mustafa is just a p0rn actor, he should quit music and concentrate on making p0rnography. That guy is old and should actually be married by now. The whole story of him being arrested is false, he’s just looking for cheap publicity to promote his new video.”

Mustafa hit back saying: “Everyone has a point. Let him say whatever he wants.”