injeraYesterday, Kenya 7s star Collins Injera reached a milestone 200th try in a win over Japan at the London sevens.

Everyone loves their milestone, and Injera was prepared to make this a special one. Somehow, he had manage to sneak in a marker pen by sticking it inside his sock, which he used to sign the ball after his try.

As if that’s not enough, Injera spotted the nearest camera and ‘autographed’ it, in what was seemingly a harmless and quite cool celebration. News outlets across the world are now on his case, claiming he destroyed the camera lens worth £60,000 (more than Sh9 million).





Apparently, you don’t go making permanent marks on such delicate equipment, and the cameraman was not amused.

I doubt any action will be taken on him, but this will be a lesson to many athletes.

Someone imagined how cameramen will be reacting when they see Injera approaching.