anitaNow, before you start wondering how a 25 year old has managed to remain a virgin for that long and why she would make it our business to know that she has finally had her sweet cherry popped, it is not what you think.

The Capital FM radio presenter has instead broken her blogging virginity. She put up her first article on Monday to welcome readers and what better way to catch their attention than with the title ‘No Longer A Virgin.’

By the read of things, it looks like she has what it takes to keep you well entertained. Her bio reads: “I am a God fearing and believing, quirky, clumsy, family oriented, happy go lucky, zealous about life,hopelessly romantic, Manchester United fan, Puppies and Kittens make me go gaga, I love taking care of the elderly 🙂 uber positive too, baker extraordinaire, crazy gorgeous young East African girl.”

You can check it out here.