Uhuru Kenyatta, Boniface Mwangi
Boniface Mwangi is undoubtedly Kenya’s number one patriot. The self-made activist has time and again been seen selfishly putting the interests of our nation first. Concerned by the acts of insecurity and terrorism in our once peaceful nation, Boniface decided to draft some recommendations he felt would help our security systems.

Addressing the recommendations to President Uhuru Kenyatta, below is the comprehensive report that the activist came up with.


We would like to invite Kenyans to contribute to this document on how President Uhuru Kenyatta can improve Kenya’s security. We shall mobilise Kenyans from all walks of life to publicly deliver this letter to the gate of State House next week. Date to be confirmed. #LetterToThePresident

  1.    That the President fulfills every promise to the nation which he gave in the aftermath of the Westgate attack to institute a credible and comprehensive public inquiry into the failings of the security system. That inquiry must not, however be limited to terror attacks, but should investigate thoroughly the ability of the security apparatus and its servicemen to respond to all manifestations of insecurity including the resource conflicts in Northern Kenya, violent crime, growth of local militia and violence against women, etc.
  1.   That the Government fully implements the National Police Service Act to create a unified police service as required by the Act, and that the  amendments made in June 2013 be reviewed.  Further, that the Government implement the recommendations detailed in the report of the Independent Policing Oversight Authority’s report into the Mpeketoni attack.
  1.   That all office holders are held accountable for delivery of their mandates.
  1.   That the illegal deployment of the Kenya Defense Forces within Kenya without express authorization from Parliament cease immediately and any operations be stopped forthwith pending such authorization. That KDF should be investigated on several reports that have appeared in the media on their link to corruption linked to charcoal and sugar- smuggled into the country through Garissa, this is some of the money supporting Al Shabaab and giving the ability to come and kill Kenyans.
  1.    That the Government respect the rights of all Kenyans as it is required to by the Constitution and provide an unambiguous undertaking that it recognizes the sanctity of such rights.
  1.   All allegations of misconduct by security agents, for example as identified by the IPOA report into Operation Usalama Watch, are properly investigated and culprits punished.
  1. The government should promote patriotism, to help people find a purpose to defend and protect our country right from lower primary to high school and universities. loyalty pledge
  1. His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces together with his government MUST RE-READ their swearing in statements. Particularly his sworn statement on protecting the lives and property of the people of Kenya.
  1. The nyumba Kumi initiative should be fully implemented and locals and county governments should be involved in their local security initiatives fully.

10.Duale should be arrested for trivializing security in this country.

  1. An Intelligence service that must be seen to work and proactive. For an agency that takes a huge chunk of the security budget without any visible results.

Thank you for the PURES program BUT Mr President its useless if ahead channels are blocked. Graduates are languishing in estates and every employer wants experience yet no one wants to give any

  1. Mr president, there is no way that you will handle insecurity when the men and women charged with it are accused of all sorts of things. End corruption in the police force, and also do an investigation of KDF involvement in charcoal business.
  1. Invest in Intelligence and introduce an online platform which will be monitored by NIS where citizen will be able to share information without revealing their identities. THE PRESIDENT MUST READ THIS!
  1. Institute a legal framework that would allow all Kenyans over 18 years of age, conscript to the paramilitary after form4 to receive disciplinary training and serve for at least 1 year. This would equip all and sundry in the event of a terror attack and raise our awareness on matters of national security.
  1. Weed D’s and Class 8 drop outs from the police force.
  1. Its very worrying on the government is handling the whole Garissa issue since the Al Shabaab began hitting at our people.
  1. listen to the muslims and allow them for security teams within their neighbourhoods, in generals the Imams and political leadership from the muslim community are key to curb Al Shabaab.
  1. Turn the ATPU in a semi autonomous anti terror agency with its own director general, fully staffed and equipped to handle terror. Attach RECCE and RDU units to the agency for tactical support.
  1. No more mercy on corrupt officers, we want to hear they are rotting in jail; do it now.
  1. Investigate the source of wealth of property owners in Eastleigh as they might be the direct beneficiaries of the illegal business from somalia
  2. Revamp the intelligence agency by having well qualified officers not some clueless youths claiming to be journalists and announcing to everyone that they work for the intelligence. Let the intelligence officers be sourced from mashinani, people who know people and the regions they hail from and let them be well remunerated.
  1. citizen police relationship should be improved so no one fears the other. All the information that the government needs to improve security is with the people, the common folks.
  1. That the wide area camera surveillance system of the integrated security system being put up under the GoK – Safaricom contract be taken through a rationalization through a citizen and technocrat participation.
  1. Audit the authenticity of somalis with national IDs.This should date back to 1990 at the very least with each of them issued with an ID/Driver’s License or Title Deeds.They should have at least three generations before them validated to prove their legitimacy as kenyans.Anyone issued with kenyan citizenship post 1990 and no evidence at the registry of persons to trace their family tree should be revoked and deported with immediate effect and this should also be applicable to all other refugees.
  2. Appoint a national security advisor who sits at statehouse and to whom all state security organs report to for close supervision and collaboration of agencies.
  3. Revive the Joint Anti Terror Task Force that was formerly headed by Major General Michael Gichangi that had mandate to organise coordinate and run all anti terror, drug trafficking and international money laundering efforts centrally.
  1. The NIS should revert to the old school recruiting of agents within communities as opposed to graduates and rich kids as field agents. The act should be amended to give arms and powers to conduct preemptive actions rather than rely on National police for action.


  1. The state should review the gun control policy in the country. It was guns in Kapedo, Westgate, Mpeketoni, Mandera I & II, Garissa University Attack, among others.
  1. The state should intensify the disarmament programme in the country.Many civilians are owning arms to protect themselves, their families and properties yet unregistered arms should not be in the hands of the civilians. Only police officers should be allowed to have guns, all private licences to own guns be revoked.hjjjk
  1. The state should sign and ratify the Arms Trade Treaty that came into force in December 2014. This treaty is a critical instrument in the control of illegal transfer of arms into the country. It’s worrying that the state is yet to sign and ratify this international obligation yet it stands to benefit most.
  2. Their to be formed a homeland security that only comprises of the regular police, AP and GSU, with a well structured chain of command, this should be an autonomous security arm, with its top chief appointed from men and women who have grown through the ranks in this units.
  1. That the government should talk with one voice. That we should enhance partnerships with world powers to help us address insecurity. That we need to reconsider our role in a foreign land, Somalia.
  1. I think there should be a system in place for crowd control, to help us handle well large groups of people and the same team should also be responsible for security in public places and areas that have a big traffic of people e.g universities, bus stations and recreation facilities. this principle is applied in several other countries and has proven to work.
  1. The government should consider tribalism and corruption as two main sources of insecurity in Kenya.Tribalism in appointment, promotion and posting of officers both in Police and civil service is working against having the “pride of kenya” many people appointed feel obliged to honor tribesmen who appointed them as opposed to serving, while others think they don’t care as “kenya iko na wenyewe”. This small matter makes many not to care defending their motherland as they will lose nothing. On the Corruption front, the president needs to first constitute an independent Anti-corruption body which should be given powers to carry its duties without any interference. The main cause of insecurity in the country is corruption. If the president is as genuine as he has previously claimed, we need to see heads rolling. This should start from the top going down.  We kenyans are pained by fact that the shortfalls in your government hits us most. Mr President, you have been very active following up on the progress of JKIA and SGR.However, without resolving the issues of Corruption and insecurity currently encumbering the country from moving forward, all your efforts are in vain. You ordered all these tenders and deals made public. Please ensure the public accesses this information.

Duale is the problem….why are you entertaining Duale? Duale should be arrested and squeezed between his legs to produce his other terrorists.

  1. Equip our police service,motivate them by paying them well,Mr president in politics there is no tenure,sack without mercy whoever is not performing .walk the talk your excellency
  1. -What are security systems?-How do we develop them? (System development key phases) Agile approaches to developing systems, Security development roles and skills, Requirements of security, Requirement gathering methods, Managing stakeholders, documentation techniques, prototyping and security design, design security class diagrams and security sequence (protocol) diagrams, testing security system, and security, implementation and support of security system.
  1. Kutenda na Kutenda kusema achia Kasuku.
  1. We want the president to stop NHIF from deducting a lot of money from Kenyans. We need the old rates back.(with the little cash we get more deductions and we don’t see where the cash goes)
  1. Corruption Corruption needs to be dealt with at all levels of government. This is the reason why we keep losing lives carelessly. The moment we deal with such selfishness and greed is the day we become safe. Additionally, include benefits and additional perks for the security forces and also for their families, upgrade the weaponry and protective gear, teach the security personnel on intelligence tactics.
  1. Find those who have the courage to steal a phone in a banking hall

44.Pay the police well,that is the starting point to ending corruption in the service

  1. Your government MUST demand a list of financiers of Al-Shabaab from Duale. You should fire him for trivializing security matters.
  1. Police and other security personnel should be hired on merit and not by how much one pays to the recruiting officers.
  1. Your government should deal ruthlessly with any individual/organization that finances/supports Al – Shabaab

48.The government should introduce shift working policy.In that people instead of working for 8hrs a day,they work for four hours and then give others a chance for employment.In the salary is 100K a month then you pay half for the two shifters.This way we shall kill unemployment by 70%.


  1. The Government should stop politicizing and trivializing security matters and take full responsibility when something happens.They should also stop lying and speak out the truth incase an attack happens, so that the enemy doesn’t use that as a weakness.

Lastly fire Duale he is a bomb waiting to explode.

  1. The government  has to increase  the number  of prisons  . One per county  if they  really  want to reduce  insecurity.  All crimes  must have consequences ( take cue  from developed  nations).
  1. Our intelligence services are crammed by the children of the high and mighty who do not give the security of this County a serious attention because in their words they did not ask for those jobs and do not need them anyway
  1. You need to fire ALL your advisers on matters security. They are clearly not aware of anything and make your governement come across as completely clueless. I have no idea how it is done – the recruitment of advisers and all, but a certain Capt. Collins Wanderi who has a lot of information on these matters SHOULD be there. At Least what he says/writes makes a lot of sense. He offers tactical solutions as opposed to your promises, which i must say are quite empty.
  1. We are in the digital era sir, you boast of being the “DIGITAL GOVERNMENT”, social media is a force to reckon with and MUST be taken with alot of seriousness. The crowd that you CANNOT EVER pull in your campaign and national meetings is on social media and other digital platforms. What is said and done there must be part of your daily security briefing sir. Ignore anything on social media at your own risk. Skip the PR for now as it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

54 Get a public Portal that allows anonymous reporting of crime and monitor public funds/development through social audits which is monitored and acted upon receiving information (There is one currently being developed for youth participation in social audit for the development towards the 2030 vision and development agenda-will give more info if need be)



  1. Take criticism from the opposition, civil society and citizens not as an offence, but as  recommendations from people who deeply care about this country and want to see it thrive for ourselves and future generations. If it is sycophancy you thrive for please read the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ it is a children’s book about how dangerous sycophancy can be to one’s leadership.
  1. The Government should STOP Playing PR on security. Security needs strategies. It is high time we also worked on a strategy to deal with terrorism. For the youth who have been radicalised, we propose that the Government establishes Centres across the country (in partnership with County Government) to rehabilitate them.
  1. Patriotism
  1. Another proposal to the Government is hold village barazas. By doing so they will collect information from the community. What happened to Nyumba Kumi and Kaguthi? The team should be given resources (Offices + Money + support from village elders, estate chairmen/women).Shall we also do away with all these egomaniacs called governors,Senators,MCA’s Women Reps?Let’s just deal with good old chiefs and headmen.They know plenty about the people and environments that will aid the government highly in putting together plans to RUN the country!
  1. Implement the 2/3rd gender rule. Women and girls make up the poorest people in this country, the rates of sexual violence mean that even before al Shabaab, women and girls have faced constant threats of violence in every space they occupy. The 2/3rd gender rule is not about being nice to women, people with disabilities and minorities but the fact that government should be responsive to all these groups and not just able bodied men.
  1. Your mentorship programme should not only target children who do well in school, but also children who are failing and are troubled. We are living entire generations behind in the names of grades.

62.Shall we go back to the moi era when we would have intelligence officers walking around,live among us and gather all requisite intelligence and deal with it ruthlessly?Can we have top notch men and women of the forces deployed to all these areas and everywhere  to help us deal with these problems? Bwana Uhuru you’re a student of Mr.Moi….Take time to unlearn and relearn what running a country requires!

  1. I wonder what happened to the top notch intelligence we use to have during the MOI era. We are told of stories where even shoe shiners, mama mbogas were security informers. Mr Uhuru, revert to that era, or seek advice from MR MOI…. Advice from MOI??, remember that intelligence was only there to suppress the domestic opposition and cannot be applied to the current circumstances.
  1. That public participation in governance process as recognized by law and entrenched deeply in our supreme constitution and other supportive acts of parliament must be adhered to. As such any attempts to fix our porous security system or hasten our otherwise slow economic growth must receive and take cognisance of what kenyans want in a manner that is not merely symbolic but values the thoughts and desires of kenyans in key processes including the budget making process.
  1. Dont be afraid to sack anyone when it comes to security matters. We  will  support you. Even Nkaissery should be shown the door.
  1. The high priest of corruption should be fired
  1. Kindly Mr. President, Fight Corruption to Fight Insecurity, and Start with your Deputy!!
  2. I hope the fight against corruption is real and not a side show. Alot of taxpayers money is wasted in endless trips, trainings etc + mark-ups to procurement and accounting officials. The IFMIS platform will go along way in curbing this as quotations and evaluations will be done online thus reducing the risk of over pricing goods and services that govt buys. KINDLY HAVE IT IMPLEMENTED AND DON’T HOLD BACK IN SACKING THE FEW ROTTEN APPLES IN YOUR GOVT.
  3. All police officers to be given special weapons and not G3 rifles…the worst to be AK47 with ammunition belt.
  4. Mr.president to enhance security across the country and when there is an attack like of Yumbis air force should backup in reinforcement…. haha laughable, do you have any idea how disjointed our security apparatus are??
  1. If Uhuru Kenyatta is serious and committed to fighting corruption in Kenya, his henchmen would not have forced the hands of EACC commissioners and their chairman to resign in order to scuttle the process and protect the corrupt elements; some of whom are his cronies. And is it a coincidence that the commissioners were forced out during the 60 day window in which politicians allied to the president were to be investigated for graft
  1. Each Police Station should have a number drones (the cheap toys that are all over the internet) and a control room. Instead of police patrolling aimlessly harassing citizens and wasting fuel, they should be stationed at strategic places ready for deployment. The control room personnel manning the drones can easily relay information as to where there is potential trouble and dispatch officers to deal with it. This can be especially useful in the NFD due to the large distances involved. It will save lives and prevent ambushes. Citizens should also be allowed to have drones to patrol their residential areas.
  1. All cattle should be have tracking chips that can be used to verify ownership, trace them when they get stolen and also monitor their health.
  1. To complement the laptop project, remove all duties and taxes on smartphones, tablets and computers so that the population can truly switch to the digital age. With smartphones in their hands, kids will be able to do the same things that are being done on computers
  1. Create the Homeland affairs Ministry to coordinate Homeland Security(Important)

77.The police officers recruited should not only know how to run, but should meet a respectable kc Se grade. That way, we won’t Have people in the police force who can’t strategize and mobilize themselves in case of an attack. Police recruitment should be a process where ‘recruitees ‘ go through an intense interview process, and after that, their should go through a massive training for the job.

that the commissioners were forced out during the 60 day window in which politicians allied to the president were to be investigated for graft

  1. Each Police Station should have a number drones (the cheap toys that are all over the internet) and a control room. Instead of police patrolling aimlessly harassing citizens and wasting fuel, they should be stationed at strategic places ready for deployment. The control room personnel manning the drones can easily relay information as to where there is potential trouble and dispatch officers to deal with it. This can be especially useful in the NFD due to the large distances involved. It will save lives and prevent ambushes. Citizens should also be allowed to have drones to patrol their residential areas.
  1. All cattle should be have tracking chips that can be used to verify ownership, trace them when they get stolen and also monitor their health.(urgent)
  1. To complement the laptop project, remove all duties and taxes on smartphones, tablets and computers so that the population can truly switch to the digital age. With smartphones in their hands, kids will be able to do the same things that are being done on computers
  1. Create the Homeland affairs Ministry to coordinate Homeland Security.However Karangi cannot be the head he has had his opportunity already

77.The police officers recruited should not only know how to run, but should meet a respectable kc Se grade. That way, we won’t people in the police force who can’t strategize and mobilize themselves in case of an attack. Police recruitment should be a process where ‘recruits ‘ go through an intense interview process, and after that, their should go through a massive training for the job.

78.Tell Mr. President to facilitate the creation of an elite training squad center so that we can train our own reece squad and ensure a special terrorism force is created which can be distributed across the country to tackle special situations

79.The Kenya Police have no tactical advantage over these terrorists because both sides are armed with the same caliber rifles; result is whoever lays an ambush & fires first wins the fight! Give Kenya Police operations helicopters, drones, APCs, radios, machine guns, etc… And update the training to include actual combat operations, not just beating up peaceful protesters.

  1. That Kenyans wake up and become responsible instead of blaming the president for everything. Today the schools closed in North Eastern, affected persons are NEP people, simple, they should play their role and the government will supplement and support. Tuwache ujinga because they know and hide them just as Duale said.
  2. The president or Government should stop blame games and take full responsibility when faced with a security situation. The police not only need better remuneration and other benefits but also, in my opinion, should have special awards for appreciation and enhancing ‘that’ sense of belonging. Again the police – civilian relationship should be made concrete because I cannot go report to a police officer that I barely trust, community barazas can be organized for such. CORRUPTION- need I say more Mr. President?
  3. kdf should come back to protect our territories so the terrorist won’t find a room to come in.
  4. Open the TJRC report, it has background information, research findings and recommendations. Subject the TJRC report to public debate for people to ventilate, it’s a good starting point.
  5. Under no circumstance should any suspected terrorist be released on bail. in fact, their phones should be installed a tracker to identify their accomplices
  6. Instead of a wall between Kenya and Somalia. Why not have a fence eg. between US and Mexico. It will be much cheaper. The monies saved can be used to recruit more security personel.
  1. Build barracks along the border between Kenya and Somalia and Ethiopia. Have barracks every 10 kms.
  1. Dear President, it’s really simple to improve the security in the country, if you indeed want to do it. Just work with the locals (stop the police that cracks down the Somalis everyday. And, take note , refugees are not the security threat in this country, al-shabaab is.
  2.  NIS to partner with telecommunication giants:Facebook,google,microsoft,safaricom,airtel,orange etc to tap on telephone conversations,whatsapp,facebook,twitter,2go etc to catch up with the enemy’s “always-step-ahead” nature.
  1. Somalis are organized in clans, so it would be a good idea to co-operate with the clans for intelligence gathering. But if the people fear you, if they are collectively punished for what a few gangsters do, they will probably not contribute to the solution. Somalis need to feel they belong to this country. Then they will be ready to happily protect their land and the interlopers who are wreaking havoc. They will work with the authorities to save the children from the imminent threat of terrorists. Remember, we can only beat the enemy in unison.
  2. The other thing would be to quickly address the identity crisis many young Kenyan Somalis are dealing with everyday. Those who belong to this land and its history as much as other Kenyans are still denied identity cards. They can neither travel nor get jobs. In northeastern Kenya, there is a checkpoint everywhere. Sometimes the police even raid homes. The youth are therefore likely to become terrorists, because they are disgruntled and they feel they don’t belong here. But they do. The government needs to make sure no one pays money to acquire an identity card.
  1. Some Kenyans like me are convinced that there’s an Al Shabaab mole INSIDE the Government and the government knows him

& have done NOTHING about his/her/their arrest.

  1. We need to deal with corruption in our police force. Many of them sell their nation for a few thousand shillings. If given money, they release hardcore criminals and detain innocent refugees. They are not afraid to ask for more money, because no one is holding them accountable.
  1.  It’s futile to blame the Police or Military for our insecurity problems. I’ve been there, their salaries are NEVER increased, those salaries are always late by a couple of months. Kenyans – don’t expect too much from a  hungry person. Any hungry man will accept a bribe just so he can survive. Its the government that ought to prioritize our Police & Military needs much more than those of MPs, Governors, Senators and CSs.

Empower chiefs, ass. chiefs and village elders to arrest and deal with criminals in their area (we cannot afford all these leaders)

  1. The minister for interior Gen. Nkaiserry must change his tact. He seems to be more concerned with what journalists are reporting. We pay him to protect us, not the Jubilee’s image. Kenyans are not happy to hear that police vehicles were blown up and several officers injured. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Sir, your work is to secure Kenya. Public relations achia Itumbi and the like.
  1. The highest moments for me so far for the jubilee government was when the president came out and initiated a debate (dialogue) on public wage  before it was hijacked by the opposition, even going further to cutting his own salary. i think that is an approach the President should be applying more often on all national issues including war on graft, insecurity etc because it brings in elements of public participation, on the war on corruption, the president publicly lamented on high corruption in his own office, apart from a few workers being transferred, we haven’t heard anything more.. On devolution, I think it’s the best thing that the new constitution brought forth, despite many assurances from the government on its support for devolution, there is a general feeling that somehow the government is “anti-devolution” kenya as a country stands to gain more if devolution works, Mr President, be seen to support devolution openly and without contradiction, that goodwill would not only be a win for the county but also for your government. Thank you for huduma centres, that was a brilliant idea, but do you know it’s being undermined by poor service delivery, your workers are lazy na kuhudumiwa ni shida. there is no quality services in public offices corruption is still rampant.
  1.  I have done International Security, Terrorism, WOMD, Nuclear Proliferation & Missile Technology from an Internationally accredited examining body. I have a great natural flare IQ & intelligence wit. The funny part is, I may never get a job here to serve my country and use it for the betterment of all citizens. Why? Because I don’t have connections. This connection thing is the first degree of corruption, and because of it, I’m opting to serve another country. Why is our country wasting good brains by pushing them away to work & serve other countries, by not offering them appropriate jobs? I’m not surprised young people are opting to serve in terror groups, coz here, its kazi kwa vijana, pesa kwa wazee.
  1. That you let go of Dennis Itumbi as the Director Digital. Unless you are not embarrassed by his consistent gaffes and embarrassment to the Kenyan people. He no longer represents the government and the Kenyan populace in the digital platforms, only works as Goebbels would in the Hitler regime. He cannot continue to gain from my salary whose chunk I pay to the government through tax.

98.Thank you for launching the Integrated National integrated communications command and control center last saturday,as i saw on you facebook post.Please ensure the police,especially the kenya police unit, dont let down this project that has a critical role in our safe cities strategy and national security.The kenya police have a history of sabotaging national security plans and projects because of the culture of impunity and corruption so ingrained in the regular police culture and tradition.In Fact,i would wish if you send all the regular Kenya police officers back to Kiganjo for a 6 Month refresher course,then in the meantime,leave us with the Administration police unit that seems a little bit more serious with professionalism,patriotism,and good work ethos.This way,Mr HE Sir,you will guarantee the sustainability of this capital intensive project that potents great improvement in proactively dealing with security and other issues in our cities and our country at large.

  1. Just as you did with “My dress My Choice”, the government should be unequivocal that acts of violence & aggression on fellow citizens simply because one doesn’t  agree with anothers lifestyle choices and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms shall not be tolerated and shall be faced with the full force of the law. The diversity of the Kenyan social fabric is its main strength.
  1. The current tax brackets need to be revised. The current lowest tax bracket is too low compared to the available real disposable income after taxation. The government should push the tax free bracket up to as high as Kshs. 50,000/- This will mean revenue loss in the short run. However, in the long run Kenyans will have more real disposable income. As we are very predictable this extra cash will be spent on luxury items which are already taxed. Additionally, with more people with money to spend, there will be increased purchasing in the market. This will in turn spur local production and create more jobs. This is a cycle that is desperately required to alleviate poverty in Kenya and increase the purchasing power of the people. Local production means less reliance on imported products which will help with the Balance of Payments deficit and strengthen the shilling against other currencies.
  1. The treasury/KRA (especially KRA) have put in and then later rescinded many laws due to their constant short-term thinking. A notice in the papers a little while back required exporters to produce landing certificates and duty receipts from the importers country. Not only is this impossible, it is also illegal. KRA has no mandate outside its domestic tax regime. It can have bilateral agreements with the other countries but then the onus falls on them and not the exporter to provide the information they require. Neither is it the exporters responsibility to ensure goods cross the border and are exported. The onus is on KRA and her staff to facilitate the export and goods cannot be dumped into the local market without KRA officers making them an integral part of this loss-making practice. It seems to me that KRA has administrative issues and wants to pass on their work-load onto the exporter. It also comes across that they don’t have faith or trust in their own staff.
  1. All major industries require capital for re-investment and expansion. KRA is sitting on billions of shilling in refunds. Economies of scale are not realised and cost of production goes up. This in turn makes goods expensive for the common man who can’t afford to buy the same quantities as before and the vicious cycle continues.

KRA needs to be taken to task and a policy that incorporates a 2% penalty on KRA for late refunds needs to be tabled – this will not only keep them on their toes but the reciprocal system will increase adherence to laws and scrutiny by KRA to ensure companies aren’t engaging in illegal activities

  1. Agriculture, which plays a vital role in Kenya’s economy, should NOT be subsidised. The government needs to come up with better sources of revenue for the agricultural sector. This has been the case in many South American countries which have seen an agricultural revival once the subsidees stopped. When farmers constantly turn to the government for help, they do not put emphasis on better agricultural practices or profit making ideas, they rely on bail-out from the government. We have a lot of fertile land, yet we have a huge subsistence farming sector – this does not make any economic sense.
  1. Many major companies have shut manufacturing in Kenya citing ‘hurdles’ as well as lack of infrastructure. Currently it costs more to move a 40ft container from Mombasa to Nairobi than from an Asian port to Mombasa. Transport adds a very heavy expenditure to the manufacturing process. Expensive products mean lower sales which means lower revenues and the vicious cycle continues. The expenses in transportation are due to mismanaged infrastructure such as the railways. It costs Kshs. 3.10 per Kg to move goods by rail from Mombasa to Nairobi and Kshs. 4.41 by road. The problem is that no one can rely on the railways as they have no guaranteed schedule of delivery.
  2. Fill the national intelligence service with Kenyan Somalis, train them and send them to infiltrate All Shabaab. Also, when you leverage security apparatus toward one tribe, you make the others resentful and they become hesistant to share info with security agents whom they see as “those people.” Invite patriotic Kenyans to volunteer for intelligence, counter intelligence and arms training after vetting them. This way a critical mass will know how to recognise suspicious behavior and in case of another Westgate or Carissa, will act as assets to protect our country and fellow citizens. Take seriously opposition criticism and stop always trying to belittle what they say. More than your supporters, they’re more likely to speak out when the emperor is naked coz in Africa we never tell a nasty truth to a leader whom we love. Truth only comes out of our lips when we don’t like someone. So listen more to those who don’t like you – or appear not to.
  3. Train more Recce squads….as many of them as the KDFs. Kenya needs people with those skills. Not only because of Al Shabaab, but for general security assurance. and even all the more, Pray!!! Kenyans, pray!!Small highly trained and effective instead of numbers of boots that have no clue of what the profession demands.Decentralize the Recce squads into strategic location in the coun
  4. I quote Njonjo when he said “during the Kenyatta and Moi era, the phrase –

Serikali iko na mikono mirefu, was meant.” but due to corruption, the mikono mirefu was cut short.This is due to CORRUPTION

  1. The police vetting is a scam, let us be clear on what we want from the police vetting.
  2. Use technology for betterment of our security, positively
  3. The chiefs should work like they did before, I am not sure whether it is lack of motivation, but back then, the chiefs knew whose chicken was stolen at what time.
  4. Negotiate within UNISOM to redeploy the Kenyan military contingent in Somalia to Sector Two.  Right now the constant attacks from that sector shows that the Ethiopians who are deployed there are not keen to protect the Kenya border.  We should consider increasing the deployment to protect Mandera-Liboi section, inclusive of the wall being built.
  5. Work with religious leaders to end Islamophobia.  Research has shown that no child below 12 years is being recruited into Al Shabaab and hence targeting Madrassas as suggested by Speaker Justin Muturi will increase alienation of the Muslim population and swell the ranks of recruiters to al Shabaab.  At same time work with local leaders in NEP to create a new narrative of prosperity and inclusion in that region, instead the current one of marginalisation and poverty that fuels resentment and anger. This can be improved by improving the political process and citizen participation in the affairs of the counties.
  6.  Set up clear mechanisms for teachers and medical workers to serve the people in that region.  If need be have organised transport and housing protected by GSU for the workers.  Allowing education and health to collapse there is a big indictment that will fuel the narrative of marginalisation.  Telling them security has been beefed up when the governor is being fired at with RPGs is not assuring. Let them see concrete actions and plans.
  7.  Revise the strategy of registration of illegal firearms by herders in northern Kenya (by the way what is that exactly.  You go to a cop and tell them you have two AK47s in your hut?).  Instead adopt the Lodwar Declaration of 2014 by the 6 dioceses in the region to forcefully disarm everybody while simultaneously boosting border security.  Uganda has done it in Karamoja and Kenya should do it while insisting that Ethiopia does it.  South Sudan border can be a problem but just populate the camp in Kibich that was built two years back but is still empty.
  8. Introduce specialized trained unit in the National Youth service responsible for  securing our infrastructure including centers of higher learning around the clock 356 days a year . Instead of a physical wall in the northern border employe  technology i.e drones combined with a border patrol unit to collect data and act independently on threats.It will be best to include indiginous inhabitants of the border areas to take a stake on securing integrity of the b
  1. Terrorist camps are within our borders. Stop assuming these guys commute from Somalia every time they have an attack mission. They are within our cities, towns and villages. Boni and Witu forests are safe havens for the militia. Spare the security apparatus and spoil our lives. Use maximum force to enforce security, law aThe question is; is there any action that will be taken?

HPOC should step aside!

now jubilee government purports to have reduced the cost of power from 35k to 15k payable in instalments, visit KPLC offices you will be shocked!

119 Let all bank accounts require two other people who knows you so that they can help to trace you when needed

120 Let a proper physical  addressing system be developed for all cities and country-side this will help police respond appropriately. Once ready it can be linked to all records including schools, varsities, banks, hospitals

121 Employ good computer scientists to develop data mining programs that can extract data from different data sources .. banks, hospitals, schools … this will aid security agencies in investigations. There is a lot of information but scattered all over.

124 Better housing and salaries for police

125 Citizen education to love their country and be patriotic no matter what

126 Do not negotiate with terrorists. Relocate camp as earlier decided.

127 Army to guard all of north eastern and not to stay in barracks as we see

128 Conduct an audit of all the wildlife in kenya, after which KWS will be mandated to come up with means or eradicating poaching in kenya while at the same time, those involved with trafficking game products must be dealt harsh punishments

129 Civic education – Carry Out continuous civic education to all citizens and raise awareness across the country. Educate the masses on basic issues and those that are of national importance.

  1. Be serious with security sector reforms; these should not be politicised. Police vetting is turning out to be a farce if we are not committed to weeding out the bad eggs then we get no where. pay security services well, and give them equipment… just refer the Philip ransley report recommendations.
  1. Stop extra-judicial killings and empower the justice system to work
  1. beyond my dress my choice … there is need to put in place mechanisms so that women in kenya feel secure generally, feel secure and confident to report to the police when an incident occurs and feel secure and confident that justice shall be served. by the way having rapists and various sexual offenders in government and parliament go against the principles of leadership and integrity as envisioned in the CoK 2010. and as you think about that please weigh in on the 2/3rds gender principle debate and instruct the AG to table a bill that delivers on this constitutional promise NOW not next year or in five to a gazillion years.
  1. Democratise rather than Militarise Kenya.

134.Partner with various stakeholders like civil Society; organisations like Haki Africa and Muhuri are invaluable as government partners in the fight against terror and radicalisation….. instead of wasting precious public resources settling petty scores.. invest in working with them to give us solutions to insecurity. Your government is out of touch with Kenyans.

  1. Mr. President you are the President of Kenya and ALL its people… not of a few Kenyans…. Unite us instead of dividing us.
  1. Operationalise the intergovernmental structures.  They are in the law and would improve coordination especially on security matters.
  1. Our DISASTER RESPONSE & MANAGEMENT situation is very wanting to say the least (Thanks to RedCross Society who have always done an exemplary job). As we incident. No, you have yet to earn our respect.
  1. Clean up corruption at immigration
  2. Grant citizenship to the makonde immediately
  3.  Implement Ndungu Report on land and solve land disputes with urgency
  4.  Start constructing police stations in far off Northern Kenya and implement Nyumba Kumi here too
  5.  Devolve parts of security especially APs.
  6. monitoring systems should be reviewed about internal security improve our security strategies, we need to enhance and equip all disaster units so that they are in a position to respond to all forms of disasters effectively on a National Level.We need to strengthen our National Disaster Units by setting guidelines and avail needed resources that will enable them carry out their work properly.
  7. Do an audit on all police stations, some have become criminal dens
  1. Our Honorable President, you keep telling people they should respect you. That’s baffling! Wouldn’t you rather we respect the office of the Presidency regardless of who sits on it? And how are we supposed to respect you especially now when we see 10+ helicopters escorting you on trips while the Police did not even have one on standby for Garissa? That’s unacceptable and insulting to us wananchi, especially as heads have not rolled over that

legalize sexual workers and marijuana. Other drugs can stay illegal. Hiyo tu.

  1. Set up a squad like the one which destroyed Mungiki. Go after those funding them, politicians supporting them, their extended family and loved ones.
  1. Please stop shutting down the likes of colleges and schools in Garissa. You are giving the terrorists motivation to continue with their recklessness.
  2. Please give the policemen enough perks to deal ruthlessly with this scourge. Pay them over 100K per person all over the country this will work magic in our security because they will be hard to bribe.
  3. Take care of the welfare of police officers. If the salaries of magistrates and judges are high in order to reduce their level of corruptibility, then why not improve the salaries of police officers ? Similarly, their housing and other benefits should be improved.Otherwise these people have no reason to refuse immigrants who are potential terrorists from entering the country and killing at free will only because they’ve been paid a few thousand shillings. Take care of them. They are people too.

I also recommend an upgrade in police resources.There is a police station somewhere in kenya that still uses typewriters. In 2015. Some do not have vehicles, or even space for remandees Kindly do something about this. Otherwise all efforts to fight insecurity will be null and void.

  1. End tribalism and corruption in security docket
  1. No double standards should be applied when it comes extinguishing corrupt practises in kenya.Impartiality should take precedence over nepotism,tribalism or political affiliations. kenyan economy proliferates over sabotage that translates to poverty upheavals that subvert to insecurity owing to unemployment.
  1. The moment that we will start addressing the  plight and the right of children, that is the moment that we will come out of this Disaster, Estimation is reading that we have 90% of children with special needs as well as orphans whom they are not in school, to what i don’t think is country which is fighting security else it children are not in school, they can be  good leaders if we can put them in school, but they will be criminals tomorrow if there will not be the will of putting them in school.For those who have children, can your child ask him or her that i need to go to school, Even you H.E Kenyatta, your parents would tell you to wake-up and go to school. Its the high the high the time we as Kenyan needs to come on board and take care of every child. I am working on TV talk show that will be addressing the plight and the right of these children, You as a Kenyan what are you doing yourself? Never co
  1. a.) LETS FIRST BUILD THE WALL. The entire border separating Kenya and Somalia should be fenced and manned 24/7 by the KDF. Such a wall exists separating North Korea and South Korea(the DMZ). The goal is to have designated entry points on the border. b.) PROFESSIONALIZE THE POLICE FORCE. Other than the recce squad, we don’t have a professional force. We need to hire guys with degrees/diplomas in criminology, forensic science etc. If we stuff the NIS for instance with guys who have no clue in intelligence gathering, we are lying to ourselves. c.) The KDF should be given instructions to liquidate(shoot to kill) anyone carrying/possessing Al-shabab flags. d.) CLOSE DADAAB and repatriate all refugees. e.) MAKE USE OF LOCAL ELDERS. They can tell who is who in the community, especially once we seal off the entire border.
  1. NACADA boss presented the list of top drug barons in the country to the president.

119: The Army & Police Force and a new Civil Defence Force ought to be of the people like China’s PLA a country of 40M needs and army police force and civil defence force of about 4M people. everyone that is fit should have an opportunity to serve. and should be contracted for a maximum of 7 years.  Any career soldier of police office should have served the 7 years and have a specialized skills and have a minimum level of skill and proven discipline. The Civil Defence Force should replace the NYS and do what the Redcross typically does but also run the ambulance and fire brigade in each county. In this way you you build a trained and participatory security system which can draw upon a huge reserve of the population and which touches every citizen and build a culture of law enforcement and abidement.

In addition to strong police, military and civil defence force we need a strong and properly educated public prosecution system and investigation system. there is no point of having a strong law enforcement system with a week prosecutorial system. The Public prosecution system should hire the best and attract the best law students get them early, train them  7 year contracts after which only the best of the best are retained for leadership. By.

  1.  A hungry dog that finds food at the neighbor’s house will protect the neighbour. The President should direct the country’s salary commission to address police wages as a matter of urgency. A hungry police force with hungry families all over the country are security disasters waiting to happen.
  1. The Government was provided with a list of the top drug barons in kenya by the CIA during Kibaki’s presidency this was widely publicized on wikileaks. we demand new investigations on the alleged criminals be done in a transparent and clean investigation and that the alleged barons be brought down regardless of their  positions in Government.
  1. That the Anglo Leasing report be re-done with new evidence from swiss government.