High school science is amazing. Chemistry and Physics may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least we all enjoyed seeing chemicals react to produce something awesome.

Below we have some gifs of some really amazing scientific concepts.


Clock that writes time

A tattoo needle in slow motion

Matchstick when lit

How a sewing machine works


Wonders of Geometry

A magnet falls through a copper pipe

Blood dripping into hydrogen peroxide

‘Dead’ batteries bounce while ‘good’ batteries don’t

Human Evolution

Cats in Zero gravity

Running electricity through a pencil

Bullet leaving a gun

Cliff collapsing

Remote controlled car detonates a hydrogen filled balloon

Gel that stops bleeding instantly

Clothes coated with a hydrophobic spray

Instant freeze

Coca Cola + Chlorine

A battery’s bounce is determined by its charge

Ball fired from cannon at 60mph, from a truck going at 60mph