Mike Sonko Bonyeza Ushinde

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is known to take every bull he meets by the horns. Yesterday, after coming from church, I presume, Sonko decided to question Safaricom’s Bonyeza Ushinde promotion that has been going on for quite some time now. The program charges participating subscribers a fee of Sh5 per sms answering simple questions. There are daily winners of cash and airtime, and a grand winner of Sh5 million plus a pick up.

Concerned how much the mobile giant makes, the Senator decided to do the maths and came up with figures showing that Safaricom makes a total of Sh250 million.

He just can’t bring himself to understand where all this money goes to.

Here’s what he wrote on Facebook.

Bonyeza na Ushinde imenifanya I think alot as a business man. They are telling us that they give every lucky Kenyan a total of 1 million Kenyan shillings daily. Let’s do some Maths; This Bonyeza idea charges 5 shillings per sms for 10 smses daily…that’s a total of 50 shillings from each person who decides to enroll. This 50shillings is charged daily from each person. Kenyans are about 42 million people in total population. , being the largest Service providers, have a total of 20 million customers. Let’s say a total of only 5 million Kenyans participate in this thing…daily. With only 5 million Kenyans participating daily, this means they collects a total of 250 Million Ksh daily! They are only giving out 1million daily! Where is the rest of 249 Million going to??? Do you have a relative or a friend amewin ama wewe umewin?