starChinese owned Startimes media entered the Kenyan market with a bang and for a while looked like the best bet for Kenyans seeking to migrate to digital programming. Then entered GOtv and their super aggressive marketing, and Startimes was somehow relegated to second position.

Both of these companies were forced to withdraw the main local channels and that deeply hurt their operations. New customers numbers declined and a big chunk of existing ones refused to continue paying.

Now, things are looking good for them as the nation switches off analogue signals starting this month. Though free-to-air decoders are available, many people will be tempted by the rich international programming the likes of Startimes and GOtv are offering.

However, the biggest temptation will definitely come from the pricing.

GOtv has slashed the price of their decoder to Sh1799, and this comes with 2 months of their premium package.

Startimes has however taking this to a whole new level by selling their decoder for only Sh199. There’s however a catch, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee of Sh1500. This will give you either 1 month Unique bouquet (over 76 channels), 45 days Classic bouquet (over 55 channels), 3 months Basic bouquet (over 37 channels) or 10 months Nyota bouquet.

Basically, you’ll have spent roughly the same amount on either GOtv or Startimes, but the latter is using some crazy advertising language to attract you.