Forget those funny Safaricom replies on Facebook and Twitter, this has to be the biggest joke to come out of Waiyaki Way.

The mobile giant is currently running its ‘Bonyeza Ushinde’ promotion. Basically, about a thousand of their participating subscribers will win daily cash prizes or airtime. The grand prize will be Sh5 million plus a pickup.

To participate, all you need to do is send your name to 29555, and Safaricom will confirm your registration almost instantly.

The text looks something like this.

Dear <YourFirstName>, you have successfully registered to the Bonyeza Ushinde Promotion. You have been awarded 100 entries for registration to the promotion.

They then send you a series of questions with choices, which you reply to with A or B. Each SMS is Sh 5.

I’m not an expert in Software Development, but I know that for such a large scale, big-money system, at least the developer should blacklist some words.

Someone therefore has some explaining to do for this.

safVia @Masaku_