Most of us know of Miss World Kenya and little or nothing about Miss Universe Kenya. However closely related they might sound, the pageants are owned and run by different organizations. Just the same way Miss World Kenya gave us the beautiful Idah Nguma to represent us at the international Miss World competition finals, Miss Universe Kenya has also produced it’s gorgeous flag bearer.

Luck fell upon cute 20 year old Gaylene Ayugi who was crowned Miss Universe Kenya 2014 overall winner the past month. Miss Ayugi will now represent her country at finals on January 25, 2015 in the US. As we wish her all the luck and charm, here are some of her photos at the gala

Gaylene Ayugi 7

Gaylene Ayugi 4

Gaylene Ayugi 1

Gaylene Ayugi 2

Gaylene Ayugi 3

Gaylene Ayugi 6

Here is her interview with Sophia Wanuna at the Morning Express Show