Dj Gee Gee weds 8

Daniel Githongo popularly known as deejay Gee Gee of Citizen’s Kubamba Show walked down the aisle with his longtime girlfriend Jasmine Mungai earlier in October. This wedding saw his friend deejay Krowbar of KTN’s Tukuza Show and his wife become their best couple. Also in attendance were Dj Mo, Dj Moz, Dj Sanch and many other big names in Kenyan gospel industry.

Two months after their wedding, they lovely couple has released their colorful wedding video on YouTube. It’s scenic and an eye-candy. Here is how Daniel married off Jasmine, enjoy

For those of us who might have missed seeing the photos, here they are

Dj Gee Gee weds 2

Dj Gee Gee weds 7

Dj Gee Gee weds 6

Dj Gee Gee weds 1

Dj Gee Gee weds

Dj Gee Gee weds 3

Dj Gee Gee weds 4