Newly evicted Kenyan representative at the Big Brother House Melvin Alusa has come out to reveal his alleged bromance with the president. Alusa says that he is expecting a call from Statehouse to catch up with the president.

Speaking during his welcome back conference, he said, “First of all people don’t know this, but Uhuru Kenyatta and I are tight, and I know I wasn’t supposed to go public about it but I’m in the moment. We’ve been boys for a long time and I support him. I thank him for providing opportunities for the youth to do business in Kenya, I know he has faced a lot of challenges but he has handled them so well.

“He’s young and fresh and I will vote for him with no worries at all. Have you seen the airport lately, it’s becoming modern.”

He added, “I used to wear that Kenyan band that he wears and I told guys my president wears this. During a diary session in the house, I said he would call me to State House when I get back home, so may he call me soon.” 

The actor also revealed what his wife told him before he left for the house. “She hugged and squeezed me tight at the airport and said just go do your thing, be the exciting and loving guy that you are. Be in the moment, be there and be who you are. But please for the sake of our marriage, and for me as a woman, if there’s a woman you like please don’t do anything in front of the camera.”

Alusa confessed to having a crush on Samantha, Mira and Hoitsi.