Kenya’s BBA evictee Sabina Stadler has for the first time revealed who the baby daddy is. Being a single mother her decision to leave her baby to participate in the competition has been highly publicised but she had her mother and her sister to fill in.

Speaking to Pulse the curious case of her baby daddy could not go without mention.

“He is not in the picture anymore. He is in the past. He’s from a well-known family. He is one of Kirimi’s son, they are the owners of Stedmark Gardens.”

Asked how long they dated before it went awry, the actress revealed:

“Let’s just say I knew him for three years and we dated for like two years. I got pregnant and some issues came up.”

Asked if the issues could be related to the Anti-abortion monologue she gave during her stay in the house, she said:

“I am against abortion, which is why I am a single mother. That’s what inspired the monologue.”