sonkoReceiving a congratulatory message from Mike Sonko is not that easy, criticism has to come first before a positive remark comes your way. But, the Nairobi senator had praises for Dr. Evans Kidero for dealing with crooked and rogue county askaris who have been a nuisance and havoc to Nairobians.

Posting on his Facebook page, Sonko addressed the Nairobi Governor as his competitor come 2017 but then said that the two can do greater work with their differences put aside. Here is the post.


I take this earliest opportunity to thank my brother & good friend cum competitor in 2017 HE the Governor of Nairobi County-H.E Dr. Evans Kidero for making a step towards taking STERN ACTION against ROGUE CITY ASKARIS who have been brutally killing and terrorising HAWKERS & OTHER RESIDENTS OF NAIROBI using crude weapons like Machetes, Knives, Iron bars, rungus, broken bottle glasses and Stones.

Some of the Rogue City Askaris have already been INTERDICTED (See copy of today’s Saturday, 1st-November Standard Newspaper, page 2 for More Details) after My Complaint letter to the DIRECTOR OF CID and copied to the relevant authorities on behalf of the people I represent.

IT IS WRONG TO KILL INNOCENT HAWKERS. We are pushing for MURDER CHARGES to be preferred against the already interdicted askaris who were involved in this BRUTAL KILLINGS

Nawapenda Watu Wangu na Mungu azidi kuwa bariki as you go through your day-to-day endeavours. Enjoy your Saturday nite!!

~Together we can put our differences aside and work as a team for the betterment of Nairobians~