Whats the difference between Pastor Kanyari and Bishop Kiuna…? Simple.

Kanyari steals from the poor (proven), while Kiuna steals from the rich (arguably).

Kanyari’s prized possession may be his Range Rover, or his new roadshow lorry, but Kiuna counts a mansion in Runda whose cost is in the region of hundreds of millions, as probably his most prized possession.

Of course this is without counting their churches/business, which have contributed to the royal lives they live.

Kanyari is facing a lot of heat following an exposé by Jicho Pevu and the Inside Story on Sunday. Bishop Kiuna is meanwhile enjoying himself in South Africa.

Yesterday, he rubbed it on the faces of haters by tweeting a photo of himself in golfing gear. This is what he said.

“Had a wonderful golfing day in Pretoria. As haters hate, I am enjoying the goodness of God. Love y’all n c u Sunday!”



They really love golfing.





And when not golfing, they do this.