Breaks up are hard to take even for a corporate like Safaricom Ltd. They can also be a source of joy for a rival telecommunications company like Airtel.

That was the case when a loyal customer decided to call it quits after a decade of loyalty with Safaricom. The customer who decided enough was enough took to twitter to officially ‘break up’ with the mobile operator network.

It all started when he posted,
break up1And to celebrate the break up was Airtel Kenya as they promised to appreciate him.

break up2

However Safaricom were not giving up without a fight.

break up3

Safaricom’s failure to mention the customer’s new found love, did not sit well with the customer who felt they should have recognised Airtel Kenya.

break up4

Airtel were however having the last laugh despite Safaricom’s attempts to work it out.break up5