Kenya’s Big Brother evictee Melvin Alusa has spoken up about the heated encounter that almost led to punches. The father of three now says there are no hard feelings between him and Nigeria’s Tayo.

“No. I have no grudge against Tayo. He is like my small brother. I hope he has also let it go too,” Alusa said.

“I am a grown up with three sons. He is a young man with one. The thing is, at that point, I was aggressed because I felt that Tayo came too strong at JJ. As a brother, I had to step up and silence him,” Alusa added on his return to Nairobi last week.

Alusa is now rallying behind Zimbabwe’s JJ to scoop the grand prize with hopes that he will get a cut.

“I am praying that JJ wins the money as I know, if he does, I will get some. That is my boy,” he concluded.