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Making the news since Sunday has been rogue ‘Prophet’ Victor Kanyari.

Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu’s exposé really ruined his life, and his future is quite bleak. I doubt anyone who watched the show will ever Panda Mbegu again. Yes they might show up at his church out of curiosity, but for you to donate to such a sham operation, you must be really gullible.

It is not clear how much Kanyari makes on a single Sunday, but since his target market is the low class, probably not very much. It’s however enough to pay for his TV and Radio slots.

He may find it interesting that ACK’s All Saints Cathedral’s Sunday collection is normally almost Sh3 million. This is despite them not having a TV show or coaching false witnesses like he does.

Perhaps we should leave the Church business to the traditional big churches.

Here’s All Saints Sunday bulletin from February this year.

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