kenyanThere is no denying that there are some rather ‘strange’ mannerisms that identify us as Kenyans. Some of these traits are usually as a result of the tough economic times and we should not be blamed.

Here’s a list of 10 things that accurately depict a true Kenyan.

1. They’re very peculiar, When making a call their finger is always on the end button, ready to cut
the call.

2. They are mathematicians, always checking their airtime balance after making a call.

3. They are very futuristic, after cooking they put used cooking oil back into a bottle for future use.

4. They’re environmentalists, empty kimbo/aromat tins are used for storing sugar and salt.

5. They are very stubborn, When they boil milk they add water to increase its quantity but don’t like it when the milk supplier adds water.

6. They are bargainers, no matter how cheap something is they always ask for the price to be reduced.

7. They love free things, If the bus driver forgets to collect the bus fare they will also keep quiet til they get off.

8. They don’t like giving things for free, ata nyege wanauza huko Koinange

9. They’re very economical, when they want to cook ugali for dinner they count how many are in the house, if 4, they add 4 cups of water. (The ration of cups doubles if you’re in kakamega, a special case)

10. They’re very conservative, the leftover ugali is always kept to be consumed the next morning with chai strungi. (There is no such thing as leftover ugali if you’re in Kakamega, special case).