skeleton manA dancehall artist going by the stage name Skeleton Man has a single out in support of Uhuru against the ICC case.

Dubbed Uhuru Innocent, the video was released in April but is getting more recognition now after Skeleton revealed to The Star his hopes of meeting the president. According to Jerry Kamau aka Skeleton Man, he was hoping to be among the guys to accompany the president to the Hague on Tuesday but failed because he could not renew his passport in time.

“The travel arrangements were so urgent and I realised I didn’t have enough time to renew my passport. I have not travelled out of the country for some time now and it didn’t occur to me that I would have needed the document that soon. However, as expressed in my song, I maintain the stand that President Uhuru is innocent and the ICC should just drop the charges.” He said.

Skeleton who is a close friend of Mike Sonko adds that the song has made him get recognised by international media though the president is yet to contact him.

“Because of this song, I have been interviewed by international media.Most recently by an Italian radio station. Nevertheless, Uhuru hasn’t made any personal contact with me regarding the track, but I expect to meet him at some point when he comes back,” he said.

Watch that video below