owNo sane University student is happy when the he is forced to extend his stay by one year.

That was the case a few years ago when Kenyatta University went on strike and burnt down hostels. The academic calendar was greatly altered inconveniencing the guilty and the innocent. For the past two days, there have been riots at the Thika Road based campus.

In both days, this has happened in the evenings at around 7:00 pm onwards. It has everything to do with politics.

The University goes to the ballot to elect new students leaders today, and one name that will be missing from the ballot papers is Sammy Owino.

According to sources, he was a favourite for the President’s seat before the University disqualified him. Apparently, his guys attacked another candidate, George Thuku (also a favourite), which led to straight disqualification according to University rules.


His supporters are however reading malice, claiming that Thuku is ‘Mugenda’s project’. Olive Mugenda is the Vice Chancellor, and also from the GEMA community, which also explains the tribal angle being preached.


Owino’s supporters have engaged police in running battles for two straight days, destroying lots of property in the process.



Hopefully things will come down after the results are announced.