Nairobi’s skyline is changing fast and it is no longer clear what will be the tallest structure in the next few years. One thing is certain though; the title Times Tower has held for almost two decades is gone.

Standing at 33 floors or roughly 140 metres, the government owned building for a long time also held the title of the tallest building in East Africa, before Tanzania’s PSPF twin Towers were completed this year. The twin towers stand at 152 metres (35 floors) each and both tie as the 4th tallest buildings in Africa.

Assuming no current construction of similar magnitude is taking place in Bongoland, Kenya should reclaim its spot hopefully in the next two or so years.

Hazina Trade Centre, currently under construction on top of Nakumatt Lifestyle, will be the region’s tallest structure in 2016. It will go up 39 floors.

hazHazina Trade Centre

Heading to Upper Hill, KCB have put up a magnificient 22 floor building, which unfortunately does not break any records. Before construction, there was talk that they would drop a 50 storey building, but that did not materialize.

Still in Upper Hill, Britam Tower is currently under-construction. If we called KCB’s new HQ magnificent, I don’t know what to call this one. The 31 storey building is designed like a prism, and the glass finish from the renders just makes it a wonder. If everything goes as planned, it should be complete by end of next year. If you want a proper feel of the building, just Google One Trade Centre in New York. They are almost identical you would think they had the same architect. When the height of the spire is included, Britam Tower will be Nairobi’s tallest tower by 2016 (Awaiting the completion of Hazina).


britBritam Tower

Then there is UAP Tower. Their 31 storey office block was scheduled for completion in May next year, but it seems something was done right. The building is almost ready for occupation, probably even before the end of the year. Wikipedia already lists it as Nairobi’s tallest building at 143 metres.


uapUAP Tower

Now enter Jabavu Village LTD. They have submitted a proposal to NEMA to build a total of 75 floors, split in two blocks. Tower 1, set to be the tallest in the country, will have 45 floors with Tower 2 having 30 floors. The building will be constructed on a 2.5 acre plot at the junction of Upper Hill Road and Haile Selassie Avenue.

Here are a few project details and the lovely artist impression that has got some people refer to it as the ‘sexy tower’.

  • Site: junction of Upper Hill Road and Haile Selassie Avenue
  • Site area: 2.5 acres (1.002 hectares)


  • Tower 1: 212.4m | 45 floors
  • Tower 2: 137.4m | 30 floors


  • Total development floorspace: 70,000m²
  • Commercial floorspace: 30,000m²
  • Hotel floorspace: 15,000m²
  • Retail floorspace: 15,000m²
  • Residential floorspace: 10,000m²


  • Estimated Project Investment Cost: Ksh 3,781,621,000