He may be one of Africa’s richest president, but Uhuru Kenyatta surely knows how to regulate his spending.

Yesterday, the head of state officially opened the Nairobi International Trade Fair at Jamhuri Park. As is custom, he took part in the livestock auction. The best and biggest milk producers are auctioned to the highest bidder, but unfortunately that was not Uhuru.

According to NTV, the president placed a final bid of Sh650,000 for a bull that weighed 650 kg, but lost out to a man who placed his bid at Sh670,000. This was the winning bull.

President Uhuru was forced to settle for the first runners up; a bull weighing 640 kg. Apparently this one went for only Sh320,000.

Despite the eventual buyers, both bulls were given as a gift to the NYS officers undertaking cleaning services in Kibera slum.

Last year, President Uhuru bought the winning bull for Sh450,000 and donated it to KDF.