kingwaMadam President is back with yet another controversial statement.

Former Presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu is known for some weird Facebook posts, and once again she lives up to expectation.

On Monday, she wrote how she was at Kenyatta National Hospital ENT section, and this doctor was driving her crazy. She went on to give advice to ladies on how to ‘pick up’ hot doctors at KNH, including burning yourself beyond recognition.

Here’s the post.

Contrary to public opinion, Kenyatta National Hospital is a very clean, very well run, very well manned (emphasis on the manned) hospital. More importantly, it has very handsome doctors.

I’m sitting at the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) section on the first floor, waiting to meet a particularly beguiling throat specialist. He does not have a ring on his finger, so i am sure i will be succesful.

For other ladies that would be interested to try this strategy to get a spouse, you could break your leg, drive your car into a tree or burn yourself beyond recognition (at which point you will be admitted into orthopedics, casualty or burns units respectively, which have their share of handsome doctors). At a more extreme end you could also kill yourself, but that will mean you will not be able to evaluate how handsome the doctors in the mortuary section are.

I would give you the secret of how to get your throat swollen so that you can see the ENT doctor too, but i know that some of you ladies will use it to come and give me competition here. So, kindly use these other tips given above for now.