Kidis_and_DNASinger Kidis has come out to lash at Grandpa Records creative director Refigah and artiste DNA for defrauding him of his royalty earnings.

Speaking to Word Is, Kidis accuses the two of going behind his back and registering the Kamua Leo remix with MCSK without his consent and as a result he has never gotten a penny.

“I kept wondering why I never got paid by MCSK until I found out that all the royalties were being paid to DNA’s account. When I inquired from Refigah, I never got a satisfactory answer. We have since gone to MCSK but I never saw the slot sheets. I am still in the dark,” he said.

Refigah denies any scheme to defraud Kidis saying, “By the time the song was being registered with MCSK, Kidis and Grandpa Records were not members of the body. So the song had to be registered using the name of a registered member and that’s where DNA came in while we waited for Kidis to register with MCSK. Actually, only a very minimal amount was paid to DNA’s account, after which all other payments have been paid directly to Kidis. I don’t just know what he’s trying to insinuate here.” 

DNA too chipped in on the matter and said: “Kidis is one confused man who lies a lot. MCSK is not a kiosk. It’s a working body with credible structures. You can’t just go there and get paid someone else’s money. The best he can do is just to walk in and have all the information he requires instead of trying to drag me into his petty talk. If he feels aggrieved, he can as well go to court.”