Fame comes with a wave that even the strongly anchored to their firm principles can withstand. A change of lifestyle, view and total change of how one used to perceive life. Most local celebrities have found themselves stuck in a mud they could not waddle through without dirtying their names. Remember Jimwat of ‘Under 18’ hit song, and Bamzigi – the African Superman, the two at one time had completely drowned in the pool of alcoholism and drug abuse.


While on the Trend with Larry Madowo, they shared their horrendous escapades with drug addiction and how they managed to overcome the vice. Thanks to Rehab Centers, Jimwat is back to bargain for his rightful position in the Genge music scene while Bamzigi is also resurfacing and ready for a comeback. Jimwat has been clean for 10 months while Bamzigi has been away from  Cocaine and Heroin for 7 years now.

Watch the interview with Larry Madowo below;