house of cards“Democracy is so overrated..” This is what Kevin Spacey, or rather Frank Underwood would say when he looks at the Kenya’s current situation.

The House of Cards star actor ascended from a Party Whip to the Vice Presidency and later the Presidency “without a single vote cast in his name.”

For the next few days, Deputy President William Ruto will be the acting President, with almost all the powers of the real President. The situation may be different from that portrayed in the popular Netflix drama, but it shows just how power can be easily transferred without consulting the people.

No doubt that Uhuru fully trusts Ruto, but I doubt this would have been the case in the ’80s Africa when every head of state had to look over his shoulder.

Here are a few other Frank Underwood’s quotes that may apply to Kenya.

Friends make the worst enemies.

I’ve worked too hard to come within arm’s reach of the prize only to have my hand cut off just before I seize it.

I have zero tolerance for betrayal which they will soon indelibly learn

Of all the things I hold in high regards, rules are not one of them.