ronVisiting Hollywood star Ron Perlman had great things to say about Lupita Nyong’o.

The Sons Of Anarchy star was asked by Word Is what it was like meeting the Oscar winner and had this to say:

“I have met her. She is beautiful. She is such a sweet, sweet girl. So beautiful. Everyone, everywhere in the world has fallen in love with her. Because she is pure and when she smiles it is like the biggest light you have ever seen. Everyone is so happy that she is having so much success that everybody loves her. Good things can happen in this world, that is one of them.” 

Ron who was in the country together with some of the cast of upcoming film Skin Trade also revealed that his first movie was shot in the country.

“I was here 34 years ago at the very beginning of my movie career. My first movie was shot here. It was called Quest For Fire. I was here for about six weeks at the Tsavo National Park.”