I join the people of Africa and the international community in mourning Prof Ali Mazrui.
We have lost an intellectual giant and an important player in the pre and post independence history of Africa who gave credence to the existence of African history pre dating colonialism.
We thank God for a life dedicated to humanity and Africa.

Mazrui’s death is particularly a blow to us in Kenya.
Mazrui pushed vigorously and courageously for our country to discard bad ways and self inflicted pains in favour of a gloriuos future which he believed was possible. He celebrated our nation’s successes and mourned its failures all the time hoping for the best for our nation. In the process, he put our country indelibly on the map of scholarly achievement.

We take solace in the knowledge that in passing on, Mazrui leaves behind a body of significant works that will forever stand to his credit and assure him of a lasting place of honour among the worlds greatest scholars particularly of African history and politics.

As a country and as a continent we have an enduring gratitude for Mazrui’s contributions over many years to the development of education and educational institutions.

I assure Prof Mazrui’s family, relatives, friends and colleagues of full solidarity and sympathy as they mourn this very eminent scholar. 

OCTOBER 13, 2014