Technology has come and changed everything for better. Making work easier, beating time and cutting cost are some of the advantages it brings with it. Now, here comes another technological advancement in Kenya. There is a breathe of relief because soon you will be able to apply for a driving license online.

The coming month will see the introduction of E-Citizen portal that will enable payment of government services online. While addressing owners of driving schools in Nairobi, the director General of NTSA (National Transport & Safety Authority) Francis Meja said that the renewal of driving licenses at banks will come to a halt by November. He also added that the service will be more cheaper as it is aimed at stemming out all possible forms of corruption.

Driving licenses will now be available immediately after passing the driving test. This new system will be popularized in driving schools to boost accountability. Proprietors of top driving schools have already embraced the system. Nelson Githika of Seniors Driving School  said that they have been using the new system for the last one month.

Well, the government promised a digital  migration, there you have it.