A more plot-heavy trailer for the fourth season of Homeland has been released, detailing where the political thriller is going next, following the loss of key character Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) in Iran at the end of a patchy season three.

With showrunner Alex Gansa promising a “reset”, the action has moved to Pakistan. A drone strike has hit what appears to be a children’s party, and with a video of the attack being leaked online, the US government – in the form of slippery Senator Lockhart – is forced to defend its actions.

Carrie is back in the field, where she is joined by Saul (so what happened to that private contractor gig he landed at the end of the third run?). She appears to be simultaneously struggling with motherhood, perhaps because they have managed to cast a baby who looks almost terrifyingly like its on-screen father.

Much of Homeland’s initial strength came from its ability to negotiate murky moral waters, and though it may be premature to predict a return to season one form, the new trailer does offer a little hope that the show may find its feet again. Plus – no Dana Brody!

Homeland returns with a double-bill in the US on 5 October on Showtime, and will be on Channel 4 later this year.