usiuA student at Unites States International University has been charged with falsely obtaining Sh1.4 million.

Alongside a businesswoman, Juliet Nduta is accused of defrauding Peter Njoroge between May 26 and July 20 while pretending to be a procurement official at Tuskys Supermarket.

Njoroge, a teacher from Kinangop, Laikipia county, was attending a seminar at the Kenya Institute of Education in Ngara, Nairobi, when he allegedly met a man who told him that he is the supermarket’s procurement manager. He recounted how the man informed him of a shortage of rice in retail outlets in Nairobi, including Tuskys.

He promised to secure Njoroge a local purchase order through his “assistants”, Nduta and the other businesswoman, Mercy Wanjiku, to sell rice to his company.

A deal was struck and Njoroge invited his friend to jointly supply the long grain Pakistan rice.

They met at KCB branch in Eastleigh where the transaction was to be carried out.

Njoroge and his friend withdrew Sh765,000 and paid the businessman, who claimed to be in a position to sell them 1,000 bags of rice, which was to be transported to Tuskys warehouse along Mombasa road before payment was made.

Njoroge and his friend were then told they had to complete the supply of 2,000 bags before they were paid or find another supplier to complete the agreement.

To cut the long story short, Njoroge and his friend lost a total of Sh1.4 million.

Nduta and Wanjiku denied the charges before senior principal magistrate Timothy Okello and were released on Sh500,000 bail each or Sh1 million bond.

Additional reporting by The Star