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There was drama at an Okoa Kenya rally in Kinango, Kwale yesterday, after an elderly man hit former Prime Minister Raila Odinga with a cane twice.

Together with Kwale governor Salim Mvurya, Raila had just joined the traditional dancers when the man dressed in a grey trouser and a white t-shirt attacked them and hit them with his stick.

Apparently, it was because they were dancing with his wife, who among the traditional dancers.


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Bodyguards for both Raila and Mvurya were nowhere in sight as their bosses were being punished. It was actually Kwale county publicity officer Omar Mwagao, who wrestled the man to the ground and grabbed the stick from him.

The man was handed to the police, but Kinango AP commander refused to detain him saying he is known to be mentally ill.

This is just the latest in a string of drama in political meetings. It started in Migori where President Uhuru was heckled and shoes thrown to the dias. Ndia MP was a few days later attacked with a panga by a reportedly mentally ill man. This one was not as lucky, as he was shot dead.

There is also the case of a mentally ill man who attacked officers at Central Police Station last week before he was shot dead.

With these incidents, perhaps it’s time our police acquire tasers, which will cease ending the lives of mentally challenged attackers.