Eritrean Kenyan based gospel songstress Sarah Fana was shot by armed thugs last Wednesday on her way home in Hurlingham.

The Star reports that the El Shaddai singer was accosted by four gun men at around 8 pm. They then forced her into their get away car, took her round the city for the better part of the night as they drove to different ATM machines where they forcefully made her withdraw money from her various bank accounts.

“The thugs then robbed her of her accessories which included her phones and other gadgets in her hand bag. They then shot her, fatally injuring her in the stomach and left her for dead by the road side,” said the source who sought anonymity.

Sarah was found unconscious by a neighbour who rushed her Nairobi Hospital where an emergency operation was done. Her condition is thought to be stable.

We wish her a quick recovery.