wahutSinger Wahu has taken time out of her schedule to say thank you to the people who have contributed greatly in her life.

In a Facebook post published yesterday, she thanked all her fans who have been with her from her early days until now. She also thanked the media for the support they’ve given her over the years.

Here’s the entire post.

Today I want to show my heartfelt gratitude to the people that have contributed greatly to the success of my music career
My fans, my supporters, people who’ve shown me love over the years 
Where do I even begin! I honestly wish I could go around and thank you individually for all the support you’ve given me throughout my career. You do not know how greatly I draw from the positive energy you send my way, on my face book page, on my fan page, on my twitter, even on the streets. Thank you so much for loving my music. And for giving me the energy and the zeal to keep doing what I love to do. I know I’ve been off the scenes for a little while…I’d given myself what I call a “mummy leave” to give 100% to my little one…but she’s little no more, and I’m coming back pretty soon…and with a vengeance . You’ve all played such a crucial part of my success story, and for that, I’m truly indebted to each and everyone of you. Pokeeni shukrani zangu, kutoka moyo wangu. May God bless each and every one of you, and may everything you put your mind and heart into bear fruit.

I also want to express my gratitude to the Kenyan, and indeed East African media houses that have played my music throughout the span of my career. All TV and radio stations that support Kenyan music and have contributed to my growth – I thank you. The press, both online and print, who communicate my progress and whereabouts to the world – I’m indebted to you. The Djs and Vjs in the clubs, on radio, on TV who rotate my music – nawashukuru. I thank you all for contributing towards the establishment and growth of the Kenyan music industry. Thank you for allowing myself, and my colleagues, to show the world that Kenyans do have talent. You do not know how many young people out there are encouraged to sharpen their art, because they know that with your help, the world will get to hear and appreciate them. Keep doing what you do, and may favor and blessings follow you!

My colleagues in the music industry – indeed we have come a loooong way as an industry. I thank you for your persistence especially when times get rough. Thank you for staying true to yourselves and to your passion. Someone out there looks up to you and says, if you can do it, so can he/she. Thank you for having the guts to step up and step out; by so doing, you’ve ignited hope into someone aspiring to share his art with the world. Roho juu guys! This is what we were born to do! So let no man (or woman ) or discouragement, or fear, or doubt stop you from getting to the heights that you were born to get to. Barikiweni wote