Controversial rapper Colonel Mustafa is out to get himself a degree in business. Speaking to Word Is, the Lenga Stress hitmaker revealed he had enrolled at Mt Kenya University, Thika campus.

“I began classes there more than three months ago. I’m studying for a degree in Business Management,” said.

On why he chose to take on the course, Mustafa said, “it is crucial in developing my career to greater heights.”

Mustafa has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately after he bragged about having dated over 20 women since his break up with singer Marya. Before that the Liboko singer had been shamed by one of his many ladies who claimed that Mustafa needs viagra.

To his defense Mustafa said,  “I challenged them to come over and prove for themselves.” Adding, “She was bitter when I dumped her and she chose to hit back at me through such wild allegation.”