Days after the news that radio presenter Bonoko had parted ways with his sweetheart over infidelity went viral, the presenter has already moved on and ready to make a wife out of his new beau.

The former street child was speaking to The Nairobian when he revealed details leading to his former relationship.

“I had only known the girl for about six months. She had been stalking me around our studios (of Ghetto Radio) in Ngara although she didn’t know how I look like,” he said. “Early this year, she approached me and told me she is my ‘big fan’ and that she wanted to start an intimate relationship leading to a marriage.  Like any man, I was shocked to be approached by a woman,” he said.

The girl in question however denied knowing Bonoko saying, I don’t know the guy you are talking about. It seems he doesn’t even know my name. The only man I know by that name is a form-three student in Ngara.”

He added that he has now found a new girlfriend and will be getting hitched soon at Uhuru Park.