It was a shameful and long day for this lady as she was attacked by women who pranced on her around Gilgil market and ripped her dress open for daring to come out from her house with a very “tempting mini skirt” as men watched excitedly.

Apparently, the lady who was in the company of a friend, had been warned before by fellow women who continuously expressed their dislike for the way she dressed. Nancy Njeri, a tomato seller at the market said: “we told her not to dress that way next time and she mockingly replied that she is free to even walk naked.”

“We then decided to strip her naked so she could walk the way she was telling us.”

Police came to the scene in time to stop the unfolding drama as the market went to a standstill for about 30 minutes. “If it was not for the police, we would have taught her a lesson…,” said another furious local trader, “the young lady was dressed badly. That’s not how to dress in a marketplace. It sets a bad example to the young ones,” She added.

Police arrested a woman and a man who allegedly incited the crowd. However, they were later released after a huge crowd of demonstrators gathered outside the Gilgil police station.